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I used to go to the beauty salon for hair removal. Now I know it was an unnecessary decision which I don’t have to ever make again. 

Lilia K.

I used it only 5 times and already saw results! Thank you!

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The feeling of never having to stress again about my unshaved legs is priceless!

Nicole P.

I was so ashamed of going to salons for laser hair removal but Luxe got my back! All thanks to my girlfriend for this amazing gift.

Ben R.

I thought laser hair removal hurts but with Luxe I feel a warm sensation which is very satisfying.

Bella T.

Why Luxe?

We make sure the Luxe™ Laser Hair Removal is as efficient in every way as possible. That’s why it’s crucial for Luxe™ to be light-weight, time and money saving, easy to use, and painless solution that will successfully remove hair cells by utilizing IPL (Intense Pulsed Light), which is a modern type of laser hair removal used for long-term, pain-free hair removal.

Long-term results are often seen after just 4-8 uses!
Making Luxe™ the best at-home hair removal available.

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We strive to provide luxury, not only with the design but for your body as well. Any time, wherever you are, treat yourself using the Luxe masterpiece.

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